On May 22, 2016, Prescriptions for a Healthy America (P4HA) testified to the Oregon State Legislature regarding the importance of medication adherence. We accomplished three key goals:

  1. Local Adherence Coalition: P4HA helped to lay the groundwork for building a local Oregonian coalition around medication adherence problems and policies.
  2. Changing the Narrative: P4HA testified to the State Senate Health Committee on medication adherence and the value of pharmaceuticals can have in improving outcomes and lowering overall health costs for the state.
  3. Adherence Policy: P4HA successfully raised the awareness of the problems related to medication adherence and the need for thoughtful solutions, which included adherence-specific quality measures, comprehensive medication management, and leveraging health IT to enable better adherence.

Event Highlights

  • Joel White, as President of P4HA, testified to the Oregon State Senate Health Committee regarding the importance of medication adherence and P4HA’s submission to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) of suggested quality measures for their Coordinated Care Organizations (CCO) (Oregon’s model for Medicaid).
    • P4HA submitted recommendations to the OHA on the current quality measure set for their CCOs. Our comments included the following:
      • A general recommendation to focus on medication adherence for improving outcomes and lowering costs;
      • A recommendation to measure post-discharge medication reconciliation (NQF #0554); and
      • A recommendation to measure medication management services for Medicaid beneficiaries who are on chronic medications (NQF #0021).
    • P4HA met with the following offices to discuss medication adherence:
      • Rep. Lively
      • Rep. Kennemer
      • Sen. Bates
      • Sen. Steiner-Hayward
      • Rep. Nosse
    • P4HA presented to a broad group of stakeholders- which included patient groups,pharmacy groups, and pharmaceutical companies. This presentation laid the groundwork for building a local coalition around medication adherence policies.