P4HA joined Script Your Future Maryland and the Maryland Pharmacists Association to discuss best practices for improving medication adherence in the state. The focus of April’s briefing was medication synchronization and how the service can benefit both the individual patients as well as the state by improving medication adherence and medical outcomes.


  • Opening Remarks
    • Cherokee Layson-Wolf, PharmD, SYF Maryland Coalition Chair
    • Sally Greenberg, Executive Director, National Consumers League
  • Medication Adherence Policies: The Right Prescription for a Healthy America
    • Joel White, President, Prescriptions for a Healthy America
    • Sloane Salzburg, Senior Director, Prescriptions for a Healthy America
  • Medication Synchronization Experience Panel
    • Kevin Day, PharmD, NCPA
    • Dixie Leikach, RPh, MBA, Catonsville & Finksburg Pharmacies
    • Danielle Keeley, PharmD, Catonsville Pharmacy
    • Patient Participant