FiercePharma: Medisafe Aims Past the 'Glorified Alarm Clock' With Intelligent Adherence Tech

By Carly Helfand, FiercePharma, May 8, 2017

Drugmakers are offering more support programs for patients taking their meds, but patients don’t always know about them. Imagine if pharma could offer that help directly, at the very moment patients felt overwhelmed or considered abandoning treatment.

Israel-based Medisafe, which focuses on adherence tech, is working with drugmakers to do just that. The company’s platform—more than just “a glorified alarm clock” reminding patients to take their meds—includes an intelligent feed that uses machine learning to personalize users' experiences, Jon Michaeli, Medisafe’s EVP of marketing and business development, said in an interview.

Through that feed, Medisafe can, for example, prompt users to call a nurse hotline and speak to someone live if “we see you missing a certain number of doses or your adherence falls below a key threshold,” Michaeli said. If the problem is financial, Medisafe can include patient assistance programs’ copay cards in the feed, too. Read more here.