Align My Refills- an APhA Campaign to Promote Medication Synchronization

Approximately 125,000 deaths occur annually due to people not taking their medication as prescribed. We are pleased to share a new public education campaign from the American Pharmacists Association Foundation (APhA Foundation) called Align My Refills. It teaches patients and caregivers how to engage with pharmacists through medication synchronization (med sync) programs to improve medication use and achieve better health outcomes.

Med sync programs help patients improve their knowledge and ability to take their medication as prescribed – lessening the risk of missed doses, and providing a monthly opportunity to meet with their pharmacist to discuss their medications. Med sync programs are especially beneficial for someone who takes multiple, ongoing monthly medications, or is new to chronic drug therapy. The APhA Foundation website includes resources that can be shared with patients to help them learn more about med sync and find a pharmacy near them offering the service.