NCPIE: Accelerating Progress in Prescription Medicine Adherence: The Adherence Action Agenda

Lack of prescription medicine adherence can be considered America’s “other drug problem,” leading to unnecessary disease progression, disease complications, reduced functional abilities, a lower quality of life, and even possibly premature death. Such downstream effects also increasingly contribute to our overall national health expenditures. That is why in 2007, the National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE) issued Enhancing Prescription Medicine Adherence: A National Action Plan. Calling for a national mobilization to reduce adverse health and economic consequences associated with this pervasive public health threat, the report documented the numerous behavioral, social, economic, medical and policy-related factors that contribute to patients not taking their medicines as prescribed and released a ten-step blueprint for action across the continuum of care- from diagnosis through treatment, and follow-up patient care and monitoring. Read more >>

Source: NCPIE’s