Medication Use and Adherence Conference

P4HA partnered with Duke University's Medication Adherence Alliance and the PhRMA Foundation to host more than 75 participants for a policy summit in Washington D.C. in December 2016. The conference provide an opportunity for researchers and stakeholders to convene and discuss strategies to improve medication adherence and overall health results, identify areas for future research and collaboration, and recommend policy options. Participants set out to identify tactics and strategies based on scientific evidence that could inform the policy changes necessary to move the needle and attain significant improvements to medication use and optimize overall health outcomes.

Click here for a copy of the conference agenda


Panel 1 - Challenges, Barriers, and Opportunities: Identifying and discussing the hurdles that prevent further progress in improving medication adherence.

Panel 2 - Translating Research into Practice: Highlighting successes and identifying recommendations for scalable, feasible, and low-cost techniques to improve adherence.

Panel 3 - Collaborative Strategies: Exploring new opportunities to improve medication adherence through collaboration.

Panel 4 - Recommendations for Transforming the Health Care Landscape: Discussion of recommendations to improve medication adherence. 

Connected Health, Better Adherence Conference

Prescriptions for a Healthy America and NEHI co-hosted an expert roundtable discussing how health IT policies can be leveraged to improve medication adherence. Evidence continues to mount that improved medication adherence and management are vital but untapped drivers of improving health and lowering costs. Health Information Technology (HIT) is clearly essential for broad-scale improvements. The roundtable explored where major stakeholder groups see consensus around HIT priorities that will accelerate improvements in medication use throughout the US healthcare system.


Panel 1- The Present: What is the state of health IT proper use of medications and improved patient adherence?

Panel 2- The Future: How should we shape health IT policy to enhance appropriate use of medications and good patient adherence?